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It’s important not to get intimidated by failure or not finding the right answer on the first try. ~ Huma Hamid


Huma Hamid


Connect, Learn, and Grow Together: How Huma Hamid is Building the Supportive Global STEM Community She Wanted for Herself

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13 Women Leading the Way in Tech

By TechTalentSouth

TechTalentSouth featured 13 Women in Tech for IWD21

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Learning and Persistence Inspired by a Bicyle

By Cisco

Cisco featured Huma Hamid as part of its #wearecisco campaign.

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Connect Learn and Grow Together

By Wogrammer published Huma Hamid's story of creating a global tech community PWiC.

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Interview With Huma Hamid

By inspire.empower(her)

Techmaker Podcast

By Cisco Learning Network
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Huma Hamid - Podcast

By Heartistry Talk Show

In this episode of Heartistry, Huma Hamid sat down with Farah Yasmeen Shaikh, an international Kathak artist - a renowned performer, choreographer and instructor, and Founder/Director of Noorani Dance, to share her journey as a woman in tech in the US as a first generation immigrant and about their shared love for creating new ideas through communication, collaboration and community.

Season 4, Episode 7

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